I didn’t miss you today
Shout out to the succulent growing in abandoned train tracks
The last day of summer was almost as sad as the day you left me

Thanks for 300 followers. Love you all!!

The sky was painted with the colors if lost thoughts And the clouds let out the  tears of unspoken words
As they rolled off my shoulders and onto the water around me
I could hear the blissful moment when the crying sky turned to rain And it’s tears tip toed onto my skin
Leaving behind the sound  Of the sweetest kiss
hebibaby06 asked:
Did you keep the kitty? :D

Well no :P because she belonged to the owner of that garden so she wasn’t actually lost. She was sooo cute though I would have taken her if she was a stray

It’s always you.
I’m scared you’ll like being alone more than you liked being with me
Flowers from a vender in San Francisco