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I hope you feel great cause you're awesome and deserve to feel happy like a princess. Good night

Aww thank you love. So do you. I hope you’re feeling good too!

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Would you guys ever send me asks or messages if I reblogged one of those things, or had like an honesty/advice thing?

The bay is my home
Had a really nice bath session the other day
When we first met I was nothing but an empty landscape You made me laugh so hard I cried  And the tears watered a lost garden in my body Together we planted marigolds and tall redwood trees  And so, I became a forest You were the tender to our forest Cutting vines, trimming flowers, nurturing roots But I stopped laughing and the ground dried up
One summer a harsh rain came and flooded the forest The flowers surrounded my lungs and the vines smothered my eyes The roots bound my hands leaving me nothing to hold onto I was coughing up dying butterflies then soon after blood Realizing it wasn’t out forest that was dying It was me
Do you ever feel like you didn’t grow up in the house you were raised in?
Thinking about where I grew up
Too much blue to handle
The lights reminded me of the stars in a weird way
I’m starting to forget our time together. I can’t tell if I want to or not.
You gave me a mark
Said “you’re mine”
Laid them upon my chest
And down my spine