The sunsets today was out of this world
Only you
A few weeks ago the sky was pink
Late night views
Medicine // Daughter
Keep goin lil sprouht
The bay is my home
Had a really nice bath session the other day
When we first met I was nothing but an empty landscape You made me laugh so hard I cried  And the tears watered a lost garden in my body Together we planted marigolds and tall redwood trees  And so, I became a forest You were the tender to our forest Cutting vines, trimming flowers, nurturing roots But I stopped laughing and the ground dried up
One summer a harsh rain came and flooded the forest The flowers surrounded my lungs and the vines smothered my eyes The roots bound my hands leaving me nothing to hold onto I was coughing up dying butterflies then soon after blood Realizing it wasn’t out forest that was dying It was me